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Don’t have the time to commit to an entire season? The workshare position is perfect for folks that want to spend a day out of the week working and learning on a farm! We love having workshares on the farm because it is an opportunity to meet members in the community. The farm feels more alive with lots of people around. Workshares fill a wide variety of roles on the farm.

  • Lunch Prep
  • Farmers Market
  • Harvest
  • Weeding
  • Wash/Pack
  • Field
  • & Delivery Drivers!

In exchange for working seven hours per week on the farm, workshares are fed lunch on their workday and receive a weekly basket of produce with the bread and egg options included. Typically those hours are completed in one day, with the exception of the lunch prep workshare.

If you are interested in a workshare position, please call or email Jack:

443-994-4629 — Farmers@traciesfarm

All Positions Filled for 2022

2022 marks our 23rd year of growing vegetables, and we are looking for a few of inspired individuals to join us!

We look for hardworking, enthusiastic, and self-motivated team players who are serious about farming and have a positive attitude. Employees are expected to work long days on your feet(paid hourly), lift 30lbs, follow directions, and pay attention to details, while having a good time with the rest of the crew.

Full Time positions are Monday through Friday — ~45 Hrs/wk — >28 Weeks out of the year$13/hr

Part Time positions are at least two days a week– 16-24Hrs/wk– >12 Weeks out of the year — $12/hr

Lunch Provided on All Work Days

Please E-Mail Jack with any Interest in our Employment Positions


Barn and Greenhouse Specialist

Positions Available: Full Time and Part Time

Position Description: The barn and greenhouse specialist position does exactly that, they focus on keeping the barn and greenhouses running smoothly. The barn is the hub of activity on the farm as the farmers come in and out, customers visit the store, and members come to pick up. In the barn, this position primarily deals with the washing and packing of all produce, stocking the farm store, packing orders, and preparing for markets. In the greenhouses, this position is involved with potting up seedlings, watering, moving trays between houses, keeping the plant stand stocked, and pruning and trellising cucumbers and tomatoes.

Full Time: ~45hrs/wk @ $13/hr. April – November

Part Time: 16-24hrs/wk @ $12/hr. June – October

The barn and greenhouse position requires close attention to detail, excellent organization, and ability to follow specific instructions. There will be crossover with the field tasks, but the focus is in the barn. Barn and Greenhouse Specialists are expected to be leaders in the barn when workshares and field crew are with them.

Field Specialist

Positions Available: Full Time and Part Time

Position Description: Field Specialists are concerned with carrying out the day to day field operations. The fields are carefully maintained and we look for individuals that are able to pay attention to details and follow instructions. Field crew deals with all harvesting on the farm as well as planting, weeding, trellising, bed prep, grass maintenance, and mulching. Field crew members will be taught how to drive the tractors and use field equipment.

Full Time: ~45hrs/wk @ $13/hr. April – November

Part Time: 16-24hrs/wk @ $12/hr. June – October

Being able to work quickly and efficiently while alone is a must, as well as being a leader in the field when workshares or barn crew members are with them.