Tracie’s Farm Weekly Newsletter — Dog Days of Summer, kinda…

On the Farm The ambient temperature would make it seem like the heat has broken, but working out in the fields today it felt as hot as it was last week. The so called “Dog Days of Summer” are technically past us. It comes from Greek tradition and denotes about a six week period ofContinue reading “Tracie’s Farm Weekly Newsletter — Dog Days of Summer, kinda…”

First Week of July on the Farm

On the Farm Another busy week on the farm! We’ve finally got to the point where we can focus primarily on maintaining crops in the ground rather than constantly planting. It is a relief, that’s for sure. Our greenhouses were fully trellised last week. We do tomatoes and cucumbers in the tunnels and hang themContinue reading “First Week of July on the Farm”

More Complaints About the Weather!

Dahlia Starts in the Greenhouse On the Farm Good evening, all! Have you ever noticed that farmers are never happy with the weather forecast? I have to remind myself every year. After weeks of hoping it would dry out, we are finally getting our wish. But now there is no rain in the forecast forContinue reading “More Complaints About the Weather!”

Dahlia Starts in the Greenhouse On the Farm Good evening! If anyone follows our social media, you will know that we officially broke ground on the 2022 summer season! Those windy days really dried out the fields in a hurry, and now it is off to the races as we try to put everything inContinue reading