More Complaints About the Weather!

Dahlia Starts in the Greenhouse On the Farm Good evening, all! Have you ever noticed that farmers are never happy with the weather forecast? I have to remind myself every year. After weeks of hoping it would dry out, we are finally getting our wish. But now there is no rain in the forecast forContinue reading “More Complaints About the Weather!”

Dahlia Starts in the Greenhouse On the Farm Good evening! If anyone follows our social media, you will know that we officially broke ground on the 2022 summer season! Those windy days really dried out the fields in a hurry, and now it is off to the races as we try to put everything inContinue reading

Monadnock Farm Share Program Update

On the Farm What an absolutely gorgeous spring day. There haven’t been many of these yet this year, but here’s to hoping we see more of them as the spring arrives. I like to joke that remembering the weather is one of humans greatest flaws. Everyone has a different recollection of the years weather. OneContinue reading “Monadnock Farm Share Program Update”

Tracie’s Farm — Fresh Eggs Tuesday 3/8, Spring CSA Starts 3/16

FRESH EGGS AVAILABLE TUESDAY 3/8 We will have fresh eggs available tomorrow from 9:00am until 7:00pm. Email or text me if you’d like a dozen or two. or 443-994-4629. Eggs will be in cooler in front of barn. $5/dozen SPRING SHARES START 3/16 The start of our CSA season is almost upon us! IfContinue reading “Tracie’s Farm — Fresh Eggs Tuesday 3/8, Spring CSA Starts 3/16”