Dog Days CSA Shares Now Available!

2023 CSA Shares Are Now Available!

Howdy Folks! And Happy New Year!

I’m sending this email from the Tracie’s newsletter because I want to make sure all of our previous CSA members receive it.

We’re opening up 2023 CSA Shares for Dog Days Farm! Woo Hoo!

Summer and Fall shares for 2023 are now available. Spring shares are sold out.

Summer Shares run from June 14th every Wednesday until September 27th. Full Shares are 16 weeks, Half Shares are 8 weeks. More below for changes to on farm pickup. Delivery shares will remain the same as the Tracie’s model. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR SUMMER CSA!


Changes To On Farm Pickup

There are going to be a few extra options for our on farm pickup shares this year. If you usually get your share delivered, shares will remain the same setup as last year.

The new standard share for picking up from the farm will be a market style pickup in our barn. Members come to the barn on Wednesday afternoons from 3:30 – 7:00pm to pick which vegetables are right for you! Market style pickup is new on our farm this year, but has proven success among CSA farms in our area. With this model, members can come pick out which vegetables they want in their kitchen that week. Produce is setup around the barn on a point system for members to select from. Members receive an allotted amount of points each week to select their produce, so if you want to make tomato sauce one week, you can use more points to get more tomatoes for processing! Or if you prefer a more balanced share on a weekly basis, you can spread out your points amongst your favorite veggies for using in the kitchen!

HALF SHARE members can pick which weeks during the season they want to pick up their shares! Instead of getting a share every other week, half share members can pick which weeks they want to come to the farm for pickup. Maybe you’re craving greens in the spring, or want to wait for tomatoes in the summer, or stock up on root veggies in the fall. The floating CSA share gives you flexibility to pick your favorite growing season! You are also welcome to come every other week if you want a taste of all seasons. The choice is yours!

This option is similar to the Tracie’s share setup for members that aren’t always able to make it to the farm Wednesday afternoons, but with an added benefit for those members! If you prefer to come to the farm outside of market style hours, shares will be pre-packed and held in our walk-in refrigerator until Friday for you to pickup at your leisure. Now if you have to come the next day, shares will be kept fresh until you get here! Shares become available on Wednesday afternoon. Full CSA Shares will still be sixteen weeks. Half CSA shares will remain on the every other week schedule for 8 weeks like in years past.

What’s Up From the Farm!

What isn’t up! It’s been a hectic month since announcing the news of the sale. As ready as I felt to let everyone know, and I can barely attest to that, actually announcing it opened a floodgate of new tasks to get completed as I transition over the business. I’ve been telling people it feels like battling a hydra, as soon as one task is complete, three more pop up in its place. So it’s been a busy month, but also a rewarding one. Hearing from everyone has made me feel incredibly supported by an already supportive community. Seriously, thank you all for reaching out. I’ve tried to get back to everyone, but if you sent me a message and
I didn’t get back to you, send it again to remind me! It’s been great to have a little extra winter contact with our membership.

As for the actual farming, not just the business surrounding it, it’s been a good winter in our high tunnels. I wish it were colder outside so that our unfrozen fields had some extra protection from all the rain we’re getting. We’ve got cover crops on most of the fields, but the cold snaps we have had terminated them, and even though their residue will protect the soil, frozen ground is an added level of protection from excessive erosion. A good snow cover would be ideal. Crossing my fingers for some actual winter in 2023.

Crops in our greenhouses are doing great, though! I will have some more greens and microgreens available this week. Probably kale, spinach, and micro greens. I’ll send out an announcement.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Hope to see you in 2023!

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