Spring Shares Start Wednesday!


We will be doing a soft opening of our store on Wednesday with eggs and bread available to non CSA members any time of the week. Bread is stocked fresh every Wednesday from Orchard Hill in Alstead. You do not have to be a CSA member to purchase from our store.
We plan on fully opening the store on April 20th along with the plant stand!

Here is the information email I sent out to CSA members. If you did not receive it but signed up for a spring share please let me know.

Hello all spring CSA share members!
What beautiful weather we are having for the first week of pickups. Although I have to say, the years that get a snow storm on the first pickup have their own special charm.

This is an information email for both new and old members alike. Even if you have picked up from us before, keep reading! There are a few changes to our pickup this year.

All shares are packed into baskets and ready for members to pick up from our barn at 3:30. Since all share baskets are identical, you are welcome to pick up any basket off of the rack and bring it home with you. When you return the following week, please bring the last weeks empty basket with you and exchange it with one of the full baskets on our shelves!

Pickup is at 60 Russel St. on the closed porch. Baskets will be available for pickup by 5pm. Please return empty baskets when you pick up the new basket each week. See below for bread, eggs, and maple syrup.

We will let you know when to pick up your maple syrup for the season. We want to make sure you get syrup from this year and will make sure it is clear when pickup is available.

We will have those set out obviously in the barn to be picked up along with your share. Next to the eggs and bread will be a check list with all egg or bread share members on it. If you did not order eggs or bread with your share and you do not see your name on the checklist, those items are not for you! There are usually eggs and bread available in the farm store.

Speaking of the farm store, it will be open! Kind of! We will have eggs, bread, ice cream, and a few other items available for you in the store starting on Wednesday. It’s a kind of soft opening. We intend on fully stocking our store on April 20th to coincide with the opening of the plant stand.

We’re looking pretty good for shares this week. There are some greens that we would have liked to mature a little earlier, but more for later, I guess. Spinach, Lettuce Mix, Bok Choy, Micro Greens, Kale and Chard will all be in shares this week, as well as onions and garlic stored over from last season.

Spinach is looking big and beautiful in the high tunnel. We’ll harvest from these beds for a few weeks before moving to newer beds of baby spinach as they mature.

Lettuce Mix and Bok Choy are a little iffier. The Bok Choy has started to bolt, but there is still plenty of good stalks and leaves to be had. The lettuce mix has seen better days. We will pass it out this week and then clear the bed for replanting.

Microgreens are gorgeous in our greenhouse. We plan on having at least 3 rounds of microgreens through the season.

The Kale and Chard are both small! We are going to combine them into a single bag for you to get the most of em. The chard we want to pick a little to encourage some more growth. The kale might be on its way out, but there are more plants in the greenhouse for later in the season.

Onions should be used ASAP. We will be sorting through them, but they are reaching the end of their storage life.

Same goes for garlic. We have a good amount of garlic leftover and will be passing it out for a couple of weeks. Garlic can sometimes be hard to tell if it has a bad clove in it. We will be sorting through it, but also passing out extra to make sure you get enough usable cloves.

I think that is everything. I will be sending out a newsletter tonight. If you have not been receiving the newsletter–first check your spam folder and try searching for farmers@traciesfarm.com in your email! If you still can’t find anything, let me know and I will check to make sure you are on the list. See you soon!
Jack Rixey
Farm Manager

Store Toms
There’s not much letting up now that the greenhouses are in full swing! I always expect the spring work to gradually ramp up, but it is only the second week of March and feels like we can’t miss a day on the farm. Lots of projects to get taken care of before summer planting takes hold, as well as the constant maintenance of the greenhouses.

Greenhouse management is a non stop job, and maybe one of my favorite parts of the farm. Every night around 5-6pm I put the plants to bed by covering germinating trays with a humidity dome to speed up the process. In the morning around 10-11am the domes come off if it is sunny so that the trays don’t fry in the heat. Watering is a whole other story. What seems like a pretty straightforward task requires an immense amount of understanding and oversight. Timing when to water so that the soil is not saturated but never fully dries out is an art form that I learn more about every year. Just today at lunch I listened to a webinar from a nursery in Vermont talk about how they water their greenhouses. We try to only have two people water the greenhouses throughout the year, myself and Sarah. It makes it easier to communicate when the houses need water, and we have a history with it. In that webinar I watched, the farmer said that it takes about 3-4 years to learn how to water correctly, and that even after 26 years it was still one of the things she is learning.

So mostly this week I have been dealing with my annual obsession with greenhouse watering. I’ll try to retain as much as I can to bring into future years. We also caught up on some backlogged seeding and are now current with our list! It always feels good. A lot of seeds are technically planned for a week or two before we actually switch on the heater in the greenhouse, so we’re always playing a little catch up the first two weeks of March.

All of our bins were sanitized on Friday in preparation for harvest this week. We can’t wait to pick some of the greens in the tunnels!

Joe has been in on a full time schedule last week and going forward. We expected him to start full time this week, but the chore list said otherwise. It’s been good having him around the farm. Joe was a part timer for four years before switching to full time this year. He’s been around as long as I’ve been managing the farm! Share week 6 Summer CSA Shares! Summer Shares are available! Right now we are at about 60% sold on shares, and orders keep coming in every day. We have a 16 week full share or an 8 week half share available. The full share gets a basket every week, and the half share gets one every other week. They feature staples and as well as lesser known varieties. In total we grow about 30 unique veggies for the summer season! Home delivery is available in 11 towns. Dublin, Fitzwilliam, Harrisville, Jaffrey, Keene, Marlborough, Nelson, Peterborough, Rindge, Swanzey, and Winchendon. Flexible payment plans so you don’t have to pay all at once. Summer CSA Share Signups

Fall VEggies Fall Shares! Still quite a ways out, but it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead, and the fall share helps you plan through the winter. Plenty of potatoes, sweet potatoes, garlic, carrots, winter squash, and more to last you well into January and potentially beyond. Fall CSA Share Signups!

sarah farmer Workshare!

Don’t have the time to commit to an entire season? The workshare position is perfect for folks that want to spend a day out of the week working and learning on a farm! We love having workshares on the farm because it is an opportunity to meet members in the community. The farm feels more alive with lots of people around.

Workshares fill a wide variety of roles on the farm.

▪ Lunch Prep
▪ Farmers Market
▪ Harvest
▪ Weeding
▪ Wash/Pack
▪ Field
▪ & Delivery Drivers!

In exchange for working seven hours per week on the farm, workshares are fed lunch on their workday and receive a weekly basket of produce with the bread and egg options included. Typically those hours are completed in one day, with the exception of the lunch prep workshare. If you are interested in a workshare position, please call or email Jack: 443-994-4629 — Farmers@traciesfarm   ©2022 Tracie’s Community Farm, LLC | Tracie’s Community Farm. 72 Jaffrey Rd. Fitzwilliam, NH. 03447. Web Version   Preferences   Forward      
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