Tracie’s Farm — Fresh Eggs Tuesday 3/8, Spring CSA Starts 3/16

We will have fresh eggs available tomorrow from 9:00am until 7:00pm.

Email or text me if you’d like a dozen or two. or 443-994-4629.

Eggs will be in cooler in front of barn. $5/dozen


The start of our CSA season is almost upon us! If you signed up for a spring share, be on the lookout for an email from me regarding pickup instructions. This is a busy time of year for me, but I’m hoping to have something out by next Monday at the latest. The greenhouses are looking good for the first week of shares! Lots of spinach and lettuce mix ready to be picked!
Store Toms
On the Farm

First of all, thank you to all the members that signed up to help us meet our goal last week! We entered March with 96 shares sold. Four less than our stated goal, but well beyond where we used to set the mark. Early signups are so important for the farm, and this year more than ever. It seems like every week we are hit with another bill that exceeded our projections. Fertilizer was the big one this week. Early signups help us recover from big expenses early in the season before we start harvesting. So thank you!

We are officially under way for 2022! Seeding in the greenhouse has begun, and it is filling up fast. All of our onions and leeks are seeded, as well as crops that will go in to the greenhouses for spring shares. Flowers are the big one this time of year. It is a little early for us to be starting things like broccoli, tomatoes, or squash. We don’t start those until mid to late march.

Flowers are fun in the greenhouse. A lot of the seed has much more specific directions for germination. Vegetables are so easy, ha. Just stick em in the soil about a 1/4″ deep and in a couple days you’ll start to see the first bits of green poking up. The flowers like to be coddled. They can take up to a couple of weeks before they start to put out their first leaves. And until then you have to make sure they get the right temperature, watered at the right time–“consistently moist but not saturated” was one I read today–, and planted at just the right depth. Some want light to germinate. Some don’t want light. And some want light but only a little bit! They can be challenging, but I think that is what makes them so fun.

We set up a new irrigation system in our greenhouse today. Whoop! That was a long overdue project. We’ve been dealing with high salts in our greenhouses the last year or so and part of the problem was that we did not overhead water enough to help flush the soil. We used drip tape for all of our seedings which keeps the soil “moist, but not saturated” (maybe I should use the drip tape for the flower trays). With overhead watering you can really drive salts deep down into the ground if you run them for long enough. Salt buildups aren’t really a problem in fields around here because we get plenty of rain to flush them away. But when using composted manures or organic fertilizers in a high tunnel, you have to be careful because there is not natural rain to flush it out. I’ve been using a lawn sprinkler for too long, and today I installed some lines and hanging sprinklers to be able to water the entire greenhouse at once without moving the sprinkler head every hour.

That’s pretty much it for tonight. There was just a big storm that passed through, but we kept our power on. That’s super important for us this time of year when we rely on electricity to keep the propagation house warm through the night. Hope everyone is weathering the storms alright!

MFCC Monadnock Mobile Food Pantry Locals’ Local Fund

Last year, Monadnock Farm & Community Coalition partnered with The Community Kitchen to conduct a feasibility study for a mobile food pantry for our region, a longstanding goal of both organizations. The study found that significant gaps remain in our region’s food security network due to limited resources (hours of pantry operation, food storage capacity, food sources) within the system.

Secondly, the study found the 2nd most common indicator of food insecurity was a lack of adequate transportation. A Monadnock Mobile Food Pantry would effectively address both gaps identified. This is where you come in… MFCC, recognizing the importance of viable and sustainable producers, has committed to create a fund to ensure that healthy, local foods will be available to food insecure members of our community. The purpose of this fund is to support local producers who will be selling fresh, local food at a negotiated price to the Monadnock Mobile Food Pantry. We know that you deeply understand the benefit of locally produced food to our health, our local economies, and our environment. Getting local onto the mobile food pantry is a win-win for everyone involved.

MFCC applied for and was awarded the opportunity to jumpstart the “Locals’ Local Fund” on The Local Crowd Monadnock platform. Our goal is raise 10k annually to purchase local products for distribution on the Monadnock Mobile Food Pantry. In order to launch this crowdfunding campaign, we need your help to raise 1/3 or $3333 prior to its initiation. Would you please consider becoming a Groundbreaking Supporter for the Locals’ Local Fund benefiting the 2022 soft launch of the Monadnock Mobile Food Pantry?


Your coalition thanks you. Our farmers thank you. Our community members experiencing food insecurity thank you.

Share week 6 Summer CSA Shares!

Summer Shares are available! Right now we are at about 55% sold on shares, and orders keep coming in every day. We have a 16 week full share or an 8 week half share available. The full share gets a basket every week, and the half share gets one every other week. They feature staples and as well as lesser known varieties. In total we grow about 30 unique veggies for the summer season!

Home delivery is available in 11 towns. Dublin, Fitzwilliam, Harrisville, Jaffrey, Keene, Marlborough, Nelson, Peterborough, Rindge, Swanzey, and Winchendon. Flexible payment plans so you don’t have to pay all at once.

Summer CSA Share Signups

Spring share Delivery Drivers

We are looking for delivery drivers for the following towns: Keene and Peterborough.. In exchange for about 1-2hours per week you are provided a full CSA share with eggs and bread added on for no extra cost. If you would like to learn more please email Jack Rixey at Thank you!

Fall VEggies Fall Shares!

Still quite a ways out, but it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead, and the fall share helps you plan through the winter. Plenty of potatoes, sweet potatoes, garlic, carrots, winter squash, and more to last you well into January and potentially beyond.

Fall CSA Share Signups!

sarah farmer


Don’t have the time to commit to an entire season? The workshare position is perfect for folks that want to spend a day out of the week working and learning on a farm! We love having workshares on the farm because it is an opportunity to meet members in the community. The farm feels more alive with lots of people around.

Workshares fill a wide variety of roles on the farm. ▪ Lunch Prep ▪ Farmers Market ▪ Harvest ▪ Weeding ▪ Wash/Pack ▪ Field ▪ & Delivery Drivers! In exchange for working seven hours per week on the farm, workshares are fed lunch on their workday and receive a weekly basket of produce with the bread and egg options included. Typically those hours are completed in one day, with the exception of the lunch prep workshare. If you are interested in a workshare position, please call or email Jack: 443-994-4629 — Farmers@traciesfarm   ©2022 Tracie’s Community Farm, LLC | Tracie’s Community Farm. 72 Jaffrey Rd. Fitzwilliam, NH. 03447. Web Version   Preferences   Forward      
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